Introduction Pole Classes

At TA Aerial Arts we are about helping you to train like an athlete and perform like an artist.

Pole gymnastics is an art form that is very athletic in nature, and we believe the best way to help you become a pole artist is ensure training sessions are a complete and well balanced workout.

Here at TA Aerial Arts we want to welcome the absolute beginner who is entering physical fitness for the first time, while still challenging the experienced gymnast. We have created a new type of class that caters to the first timer of pole, while still allowing the experienced to quickly progress.

This course covers Pole safety and correct shoulder technique, different walk variations, pivots and pirouettes, progressions from a basic step around to Roundabouts-Drag and Fly’s. It will also cover different Carousel and Stag Spins, The Chair Spin Evolution, Side Spins, Back bends, front hooks, back hooks, and firemen variations. This introductory course also dips into combining moves so you can begin creating your own pole combos.

In our classes you train for 2 hours. Classes begin with a ten minute mobilisation and warm up, then 1 hr 10 minutes of apparatus work, followed by 10 minutes of conditioning, and ending with 30 minutes of focused flexibility training.

Classes start with a 3 week trial for $60 so you can decide if it is for you. Membership then starts at $18 per week.

Interested in trying an intro to pole course? We are always planning new classes so please register your interest and we'll keep you up to date.

Form Download

Starting your first class at TA Aerial Arts? Please download and complete the following consent forms and bring them along with you. Alternatively if you choose these forms can be completed at our studio before your first class.