Super Stretch with Natalie Cornell Saturday 7:20am-8:20am 5 wk course
August 16, 2017
Beginner Pole Flow Three week trial Tuesday 8:00pm
October 20, 2017
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Beginner Pole Tricks Three week course Monday 6:40pm


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Beginner Pole Tricks
Monday 6:40-8:40pm

At TA Aerial Arts we are about helping you to train like an athlete and perform like an artist.

Pole is an art form that is very athletic in nature and we believe the best way to help you become an aerial artist is ensure training sessions are a complete and well balanced workout. We have found this needs to include conditioning, apparatus training and focused flexibility for long term benefits. We have also realised that people come in at very different levels.

Here at TA Aerial Arts we want to welcome the absolute beginner who is entering physical fitness for the first time, while still challenging the physically fit. We have created a new type of class that caters to the first timer of pole, while still allowing the experienced to quickly progress.

Beginner Pole Tricks covers the very beginner tricks while offering variations and progressions for those who are ready for it.

Our classes run for two hours. Classes begin with a ten – 15 minute mobilisation and movement training portion. Followed by 75 minutes of pole tricks and conditioning. Ending with 30minutes of focused flexibility training.

The trial is for 3 weeks for $60 so you can decide if pole is for you. Membership then starts at $18 per week or you can continue to book the “blocks” that peak your interest.